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16.06.2014, HM-3192
Sale. Дома: Дом находится в экологически чистом районе. Свет, газ, водопровод расположены по улице.
Price: 3 500 000

16.06.2014, HM-3193
Sale. Дома: Дом находится в экологически чистом районе. Свет в доме. Газ, водопровод расположены по меже.
Price: 5 000 000

16.06.2014, HM-3194
Sale. Дома: Дом находится в экологически чистом районе. Свет, газ, водопровод расположены по меже.
Price: 6 500 000

16.06.2014, HM-3195
Sale. Дома: Дом находится в экологически чистом районе. Свет, газ, водопровод подведены к дому.
Price: 6 500 000

16.06.2014, HM-3196
Sale. Дома: Дом с подвалом 18 м2, находится в экологически чистом районе с видом на море, в каждой комнате балко
Price: 3 000 000

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Anapa - Vacation
Inexpensive vacation in Anapa in small private hotels, resorts, Apartments and residential homes. Transporting around the local area.

Anapa is a Russian federal resort, located on a beautiful Black Sea Coast.

Business in Russia
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The main feature of this wonderful place is a unique healing effect of its environment.

The flows of its air mixed in a unique way above the coastal valley, positively affecting human body the very moment someone is stepping a foot on Anapa ground. Two other factors are unique quartzite sand of the beaches, and Black Sea Salt water. At all times the place was widely popular as a children resort. Millions of kids From Russia, Soviet republics and Eastern Europe, suffering with various diseases, significantly improved their health condition in literally days, after their parents spent months and sometimes years in their home locations trying to help their child with traditional medical treatments. Asthmatic Bronchitis, bad immune system are just two names of numerous other health problems that can be treated in Anapa.


Business in Russia
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"Anapa Invest" will help you do business in Russia - sell, buy, trade, and rent all types of real estate in southern regions of Russia including places like: Sochi, Krasnodar, Anapa, Novorossiysk, Gelendzhik, Rostov.

  • Single family homes
  • Apartments
  • Commercial buildings
  • Land

If you decide to expand your business in Russia, Anapa Invest will provide first basic information via telephone and email, and should you decide to come, all necessary assistance, including meeting you at the airport, accommodation, transportation, interpreting, etc.

If needed, for your convenience Anapa Invest representative may visit you at your country to discuss all the matters, agreements and details.

Anapa Invest professional consultants will answer all possible questions regarding taxes, laws and regulations concerning your industry and type of trade when such arise in regional localities of Russia.

Anapa Invest will help you to find suitable office, hire personnel, and make sure that all necessary forms and documents are done promptly and properly.

Dynamically expanding company Anapa Invest was formed in 2004 to provide real estate services in international Resort Anapa and Southern regions of Russia.

In 2007 Anapa Invest has opened consulting office in mid-Russian city Perm. It's address:

Russia, Permskiy Kray, Perm, 123 Kummunisticheskaya - 4, 614068.

The main advantage of investing in Anapa and Black Sea regions of Russia today is an opportunity to participate in a rapidly growing market where you can buy a piece of property and rent it for a good profit without having much trouble finding clients. On top of that, the value of such a property continues growing as you own it. In today's economic crisis of the western world, Russia now in a better economic condition than the rest of the world, and Russian coastal resorts remain very attractive for tourists as more affordable and healthy, especially with Anapa unique sandy beaches and relique forests that run miles and miles along the beautiful Black Sea coast.

Besides an advantage to have a rental property in Russia, there is also an opportunity to expand your business and set up a branch in some regions outside of Moscow.

The reason why should someone go to Russia and not in Moscow very simple. In the last 20 some years of free economy, enormous amount of businesses have spread all over Moscow region, including local, Russian, and foreign companies. Rental prices for offices and stores are extremely high. Laws and regulations are so strict, that not every company can afford to work there. Plus competition these days are pretty tough. And with all that, many regions of Russia are still wide opened for many industries and trades. There are still huge demand of all kinds of goods and services.

353440, Russia, Anapa, Krasnodar Region, Terskaya 21
Phone: +7 861 33 569 20, Fax: +7 861 33 401 43
Mobile Phone: +7 961 521 57 85
Курорт Анапа, Краснодарский край, ул. Терская, 21
Тел. (861 33) 569 20, факс (861 33) 401 43, моб. +7 961 521 57 85, почта:
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